There are countless ways to advertise your website over the internet. Many of them cost money, but there are also many that don’t cost anything except a little of your time. There have been some incredibly successful businesses that have been built with only a few dollars in their advertising budget.

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The following is a list of what I consider the top five ways to promote your business online and drive targeted traffic to your website.

1. Email Marketing –

This is the absolute best way because it is quick, and easy and can get you tons of target traffic which can make you a lot of extra money.

2. Article Writing –

If you write ten articles and place them on ten websites with a link to your site, within a few weeks, you’ll have thousands of inbound links to your site.

3. Search Engine traffic –

Both free and paid search engines are an excellent way to get lots of traffic. It usually takes a little while to get free traffic from search engines, so if you’re starting out, you might want to pay for it.

4. Online advertising –

This type of digital marketing encompasses things like banner ads, ads in Search Engines, Text Ads, PPC Ads, Facebook Ads and more.

5. Press releases –

Sending out a press release to the media is another excellent way to promote your site. Distribution methods are both free and paid.


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