Apple just announced their World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2017 which is going to be on 5th June 2017 and we thought it’s a good time to share how Apple make their events so great.

How to do Presentations like Apple?

Guy Kawasaki the former chief evangelist of Apple and author of many great books including Selling the dreams, shares these secrets of Steve Jobs that he learnt while working with him –

1. Make your slide Foundation Dark.

how to do presentations like apple

One of the trademark attributes of all Apple introduction is black or dark slides. The greater part of us commit the error of picking white, which as per Guy Kawasaki, says ”  I am clueless and am going to make you stare at a bright object”.

2. Set all your content to white.

how to do presentations like apple

This is common sense since you are utilizing a dark foundation. Make them intense and sufficiently large to peruse and unquestionably avoid stylish text styles. The Presentation is not the place to show individuals of your affection for Comic Sans.

3. Use phrases rather than sentences and make them Tweetable.

how to do presentations like apple

Apple sticks to slick, simple design with regards to its products — and its presentations are no separate. From the dialect to the visuals, everything in an Apple presentation is intended to pass on one message at any given moment as clearly as viable.

4. Give life to your Data with Visuals.

how to do presentations like apple

Visuals are scientifically demonstrated to help your crowd recollect your message. Several case studies have confermed that when joined with pictures, content based data is 58% more noteworthy.


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