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They are astonishing figures. Internet users in India spend an average of 14-48 hours online per week. Each second, of each day, Google processes over 40,000 search requests. 78% of “Business Decision Makers” report they will spend more time online in the coming year.

Nile can help your business tap into this digital audience in an affordable, measurable, and sustainable way. We help our clients to connect with those who are actively searching for the products and services they sell on whether it’s Google, Facebook or any of the other media platform.

You’re online – but how are you performing? There are a number of techniques that can get your products to the head of search listings and social feeds. At Nile, we believe this only begins with an effective online strategy. We enable our clients to capture and maintain preferred reach, while we perform ongoing management and analysis to assure key business objectives are met.

Nile continually monitors your Online Marketing Campaigns across the various search engines & social platforms. This is carefully assessed for cost, for performance, and for budget. We use tracking code to evaluate the “behaviour” of Visitors and to determine whether they are converting or buying. The focus is not on how much traffic a client can generate – it is towards customer acquisition and revenue growth.


Clients Served

From the start, we aim to give you results in an affordable manner. Read how we are delivering ROI based advertising services to businesses in Faridabad.

Leading the Way

Basically, we know there is no use setting up a Facebook page if your target audience is never going to visit it! They may prefer to find new suppliers on Google instead, so you would be better off investing in more SEO. Using our experience and knowledge along with reputable research data, we make sure your company, product or service is being promoted in the right place on the internet, connecting with your audience in the most effective way, and ultimately driving traffic to your website.

Competitor Analysis

We also carefully review your competitors activity to see how well, or badly, you compare and that your own core message differentiates your company enough to encourage website vistors to by from you. All of this information is then reviewed to give you a tactical plan with key performance indicators to ensure you gain the best return on your investment once your campaign is running. If these are not being met, tactics can be changed accordingly, all helping to ensure your budget is being spent in the most cost effective way.

In-depth Research

As Digital Marketing Consultants based in Faridabad, we believe in getting your Digital Marketing Campaigns off to the perfect start with careful Research & Planning. Our resulting Digital Marketing Strategies will then ensure your objectives are met through effective Digital Marketing Campaigns. We will tailor your campaigns to the right audience, in the right place at the right time. As a Small Business ourselves, we understand the need to gain the maximum return on your marketing for the lowest budget.

Growing Sales

Our Digital Marketing Service will allow you to start as you mean to go on within this relatively new marketing channel. We will begin with a media strategy, researching the conversation surrounding your business on relevant networks, and benchmark you against your competitor activity. We will then draw up a Content Strategy to ensure you are posting the right content in front of the right audience consistently, regularly and engagingly enough to build your brand and drive traffic to your website, ultimately leading to sales.

Small Business Digital Marketing Strategy & Marketing Planning

Nile specialises in Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning. This means we will help you plan the most effective use of the wide range of Digital Marketing tactics that are available (e.g. Social Media, SEO, Email) according to your budget, target audience profile and their online behaviour to meet your objectives. These could be increased sales or brand awareness. Call us today (+91) 7838588130 for a Free Consultation with the Best Digital Marketing Company in Faridabad.

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