Search Engines are the foundation of the internet information highway, and most website owners are at least somewhat interested to know how they can get their site to appear in search engine listings without too much technical complication. But they don’t only want their website to appear; they want it to appear on the first page of listings for their relevant topic. Here are some simple tips on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which can get you started in the right direction:

1) Meta tags and titles:

Meta tags have been one of the oldest methods of SEO, and it’s quite simple to do. As a website owner, you can ask your web designer to insert relevant keyword and description meta tags on each of your web pages, or even do them yourself with the help of an HTML editor, online meta tag generator, or a simple plugin. Relevant keyword rich page titles should also be used.

2) Keywords:

Choosing the right set of keywords for your website is extremely important as it helps focus all search engine optimization activities in the desired direction. You can choose keywords based on your products or services or research them online with tools such as and develop a keyword list most suited for your website and easy to promote. Once you have your set of keywords ready, you can put them in your meta tags, on page titles and even on the web page content. You can also create articles based on this set of keywords and feature them on your website for faster search engine rankings.

3) Content of the page:

The content on key pages of the website is also significant as many search engine bots (a smart piece of software which scrolls through content and picks up keywords) tends to feature websites which have the keyword well placed on the site content. Your primary keywords should be highlighted within the first line of content, page titles, headers and throughout the rest of the page. Content is very important for search engine optimization of a website it is recommended that the content is featured as early in the page as possible and be repeated up to 5 or 6 times to maximize exposure.

The above tips are the starting point or basic level of search engine optimization. Once you get started with the above-recommended steps, you can create your own in-depth search engine optimization plan over a period of time. If you want to hire an SEO Company to do so, then we can help. Contact us here.


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