The prospect of getting free site is appealing. The web is loaded with people offering free site hosting even for self-hosted WordPress. You’re most likely pondering what’s the catch? Why isn’t every other person utilizing a free WordPress site? In this article, we will share 10 reasons why having a free site is an awful thought and something that you ought to AVOID no matter what.

What Do We Mean by Free Website?

Most  starters who need to begin their own site need to keep the cost low which is reasonable.
So you regularly Google the term free site and find many organizations offering free site hosting for nothing.
The prospect of having free web hosting for your website without paying anything is captivating.
Until you get a rude awakening. When you join to these alleged “Free site organisations”, you gradually begin finding the restrictions and a number of them end up being not free by any stretch of the imagination.
On the off chance that you or your partner is considering getting a free site, then do stop now.
Also, read these 10 reasons why having a free website is a bad idea.

1. Extremely slow site

Most free site hosting suppliers put many sites on one server. This makes every site stack at low speeds. These sites make terrible customer experience and are awful for SEO

2. Amateurish Domain

Having a site address like does not look proficient by any means. Users to your site and potential customers would discover it very hard to consider your site importantance when you don’t have an appropriate web address.
Furthermore, when you approach these organizations for a geniune address, you for the most part need to pay a premium – something like Rs. 1500 – 2000 for a Domain name which typically costs Rs. 99/-

3. Hidden charges for free site

Like every company, these free site organizations need to profit as well. Some of them charge their clients for extra administrations like email accounts, FTP, site transfer, and so on. These charges are frequently unreasonably high.

4. Ads on your site

A large portion of these free site companies are sustained by commercials. You generate content and construct your site, however they get paid for the promotions. Frequently these advertisements are diverting and look unattractive.
The most bad part is, in some cases your shrewd competitors can then pay these free site organizations to promote on your site.

5. Malware circulation

Free site companies are infamous for distributing malware. This could be because of their poor security, or they could do it for money related advantages. In either case, it harms your site and it’s reputation in SEO.

6. Low Disk Space

Free site organizations have several sites sharing same server. They give limited capacity to store your website data. When you achieve that breaking point, you are regularly approached to pay for more space.

7. Unprotected Against Hacking Attacks

Because of poor security, free sites are frequently more unsage against hacking     assaults. On the off chance that your site is hacked, it will be significantly more hard to retrieve it on the grounds that these organizations give you exceptionally restricted access to your own data.

8. You can't run Ads to make Money

Despite the fact that your free site organization runs their own advertisements on your site, they don’t permit you to run promotions or profit from your site. You won’t have the capacity to include affiliate links or add Google Adsense to your site.

9. Contributing time on a Free Website is not Sensible

In the event that you have any genuine aim of building something on the web, then you ought to never begin with a free site. As you have perused in this article, they are dangerous, troublesome, and seriously constrain your progress  possibilities.

10. Hard to Leave

The organizations offering these services frequently profit from content made by clients like you. They deliberately make it troublesome for you to remove your own site. This implies your site will stay on their servers, and you will experience serious difficulties in deleting it.

Great Alternatives to a Free Website

The best option to a free site is obviously a paid site. So if you are looking for a website then, we can help you with Design + Development and Marketing too.
In the event that you would prefer not to pay at all and simply need to learn, then you can use your computer. You can without much of a stretch introduce WordPress on your Windows PC by Wamp or Wamp for Mac.
We trust this article helped you realize why having a free site is a terrible thought.


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